Fine Gael National Conference

fine gael 2015

On the weekend of Feb 20th, Castlebar will host the annual Fine Gael National Conference.

This event has 2000 delegates registered already and these delegates will bring people not attending but visiting just for the weekend.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for Castlebar to showcase the town.
It is the first time that this event has been held in Mayo. The town is fully booked out for accommodation so much so that buses are being provided to ferry delegates staying in neighbouring towns and villages.

Both national and international media will be setting up camp here for the few days and our town will be beamed to tvs worldwide.

The Mayo Peace Park is holding an event and the various ministers will be taken on a tour of the town to show our facilities and assets and will also get to meet the community behind our town.

We hope everyone that visits has a great time in Castlebar!