Local Bands Making The Headlines In Höchstadt!

Local Bands Making The Headlines In Höchstadt!

Local Bands “Chris & Dave” and “The New Social” have made the local papers in Höchstadt, Castlebar’s twin town in Germany. The two bands are in Höchstadt since Wednesday as part of a project by Castlebar Chamber and supported by Mayo County Council.

They will be playing at the International Open Air Concert tonight which is part of their Altstadtfest festival. The trip includes an Erasmus programme with groups from Germany and Russia. There are many trips planned with a visit to the world famous music shop, “Musikhaus Thomann” which is taking place today. There is also a guided tour of Nuremberg and many other activities.

Speaking to band member, David Gallagher earlier he said “We’ve been here a little over 48 hours and we have already made it a second home! Everyone is incredibly friendly, very warm and we cannot wait for our concert tonight”

We hope they all have a fantastic trip and best of luck with the performances tonight!