Pubs & Clubs

When the sun goes down, the town  comes  alive with pubs filled with local atmosphere, traditional music, and friendly staff to help make your evening end on the highest note. From the quiet local pub, the trad bar to the “hot to rock” nightclub, you can enjoy a quiet pint or become a disco diva for the evening.

Bar One

 bar-one pub
Address:Rush Street
Tel:+353 94 90 34800
 bosh1 pub
Address:Linenhall St.
Tel:+353 94 9250534
Address:Tucker Street
Tel:+353 94 9026611
irish house
Address:Ellison Street
Tel:094 9025208

Sam Adams

 sam adams
Address:Linenhall Street
Tel:+353 94 9035043
Address:Main Street
Tel:+353 94 9028954
Address Breaffy , Castlebar , Co Mayo
Tel +353  949022033

Club Mantra (Night Club)

 welcome inn pub
Address:New Antrim Street
Tel:+353 94 90 22288
Address: Westport Road, Castlebar
Tel: +353 94 9023111
Address: Spencer Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394 903 4764
Web: http://www.theconnaughtinn
Address: Spencer Street, Castlebar.
Tel: +35394 902 5064
 Address: Linenhall Street, Castlebar.
Tel: +35394 902 4072
Address: Main Street, Castlebar
Tel: +353949021561
Address: Castle Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394 902 2768
Address: Bridge Street, Castlebar
Tel: +353872290089
Address: Rush Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35387 994 1380
Address: Rush Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394 902 2722
Address: Rush Street, Castlebar
Tel:+35394902 4931
Address: Spencer Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394902 1980
 Address: Newline, Castlebar
Address: Rush Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394902 5242

The Castle Inn

the castle inn pub
Address: Castle Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394902 3324
 Address: Rush Street, Castlebar

Sloyan’s Bar

sloyans pub
 Address: Linenhall Street, Castlebar
 Address: Linenhall Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394 902 1438


rockys pub2
 Address: Tucker Street,Castlebar
Tel: +353949021231
 Address: Factory Road, Moneen, Castlebar
Tel: +35387 280 0536

The Lounge  (Late Bar)

the lounge

 Address: The Welcome Inn, New Antrim Street, Castlebar
Tel: +35394902 2288